Terms of attendance

  1. To begin your education, you are required to sign up with our course administrator or on our website. During the group formation process, you will be contacted by an administrator and informed about the beginning date and time of your studies.
  2. Payment for courses will be on a monthly basis.
  3. Payment for courses will be carried out according to the agreed upon program continuously, for the whole duration of the education, for every calendar month in the form of 100% pre-payment.
  4. Studies will occur continuously throughout the whole period of the chosen course in accordance with the set timetable.
  5. In case of absence, our services are considered fulfilled, payments are not refunded, complaints regarding the quality are not accepted.
  6. The course fee do not include the teaching materials, handouts and additional items.
  7. We kindly request to attend the lessons and pick up children in accordance with the set lesson times, in order to not disrupt the working regime and lesson plans.
  8. Our students must attend lessons regularly, complete given homework. In case of failure to comply with this rule, course administrator retains the right to discuss the possible ways for participation improvement with parents, and recommend the student to continue the education in another group, more appropriate to the student’s level.
  9. Visitors must obey the rules of public conduct, maintain cleanliness on the territory of teaching classes and refrain from disturbing the on-going lessons.
  10. In case of failure to follow the attendance rules, administration retains the right to reconsider the client’s ability to attend our lessons.
  11. Lessons are conducted in absence of parents or legal guardians.
  12. Change of shoes must be worn before entering the classroom
  13. Parent (or legal guardian) is responsible for bringing the child to lessons in good health.
  14. Children with infectious illnesses or with their symptoms will not be permitted to attend the lessons, as well as children feeling unwell in general. With the first signs of child’s illness, parents (or legal guardians) must notify the administration or teachers about the child’s absence.
  15. In case of teacher discovering the signs of child’s illness during the lesson, he is required to notify parents (or legal guardians) of it, parent (or legal guardian) must pick up the child as soon as possible, without waiting for the lesson to end.
  16. It is forbidden to bring chewing gum, candy, cookies and other edible products, as well as personal toys to lessons. Admission to lessons will be denied for people with food and drinks.
  17. Visitors bear full responsibility for their valuables, brought and/or left in the classrooms.
  18. Payment for services, automatically entails that the client agrees with current rules and promises to comply with them.
  19. Parents, remember – if you want to see results from your child, regular attendance is key!

Thank you for your attention and understanding!